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Darren Yeomans

Darren Yeomans


I initially trained with Body Control Pilates completing their mat work certification but it was practising Classical Pilates that changed my body.  I had an ongoing shoulder injury for over 10 years and since regularly practising the Classical Pilates method my shoulder is better than it has ever been. It was from then that I retrained and learned the original work of Joseph Pilates. 

I completed a year long apprenticeship learning the Classical Pilates method at Cool Pilates Studio under the supervision of Andy Adamson. 

I have also completed a fully comprehensive training program with world renowned Pilates teacher, Kirk Smith.

In my teaching, I see the benefits the original work of Joseph Pilates has on my clients and this is also why I practise this work everyday.

I am also qualified in Muscle Activation Techniques [MAT® -LB].  MAT® views muscle tightness as the body's way of protecting unstable joints.  This tightness can have a significant impact on muscle balance throughout the body affecting joint mobility and performance.  Using muscle palpations and isometric strengthening techniques on the inhibited muscles, range of movement is restored.

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