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Darren Yeomans

I am a fully comprehensively trained Pilates teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience.

I initially trained with Body Control Pilates completing their mat work certification but it was practising Classical Pilates that changed my body.  I became stronger, I felt taller and my posture and body shape changed. It was from then that I retrained and learned the original work of Joseph Pilates. 

I completed a year long apprenticeship learning the Classical Pilates method at Cool Pilates Studio under the supervision of Andy Adamson. 

I also completed a fully comprehensive training program with world renowned Pilates teacher, Kirk Smith.

In my teaching, I see the benefits the original work of Joseph Pilates has on my clients and this is also why I practise this work everyday.

I am also qualified in Muscle Activation Techniques [MAT®].  MAT® views muscle tightness as the body's way of protecting unstable joints.  This tightness can have a significant impact on muscle balance throughout the body affecting joint mobility and performance.  Using muscle palpations and isometric strengthening techniques on the inhibited muscles, range of movement is restored.

I use combination of classical Pilates, isometric exercises and MAT® to maximise results with all my clients.

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