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What is MAT®?

Muscle Activation Techniques is a treatment designed by biomechanics consultant Greg Roskopf.

The primary benefit of MAT® is to assess, prepare and and improve an individuals muscular system contractile capabilities.

When you see a limitation in motion [muscle tightness], it is an indicator that one or more of the muscles on the opposite side of the axis cannot contract efficiently [muscle weakness].

By assessing the body's movements and comparing the two sides, any asymmetries will become apparent.  MAT® views any limitations in range of motion as potential muscle inhibition.  By carrying out specific tests on the muscles involved, we are able to identify and treat the inhibited muscles and restore stability to the body.

The involved muscles are treated using palpations and isometric strengthening techniques.  Once the inhibited muscles are able to contract efficiently, the muscles on the opposite side of the axis are able to lengthen as the joint is now more stable.  This restores range of movement.

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